NUHÜ Division
426 W. Broadway New York 10012

Sustainable luxury loungewear brand NUHÜ Division opened its 100 percent plastic-free pop-up retail store in SoHo, New York on December 2nd, 2021. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by Vogue Italia featured model Julian Tato and Nuhü’s communication and PR representative, Celina Mylene who provided The Untitled Magazine‘s Maddie Street, and Elisa Silva Barretto with an exclusive tour through their newest location.

With the intention to bring color back to New York and weary from the New-York pandemic scene, Nuhü opened its doors to the public with a colorful vibrance whose beauty can only be further exasperated in person.

Celina Mylene at Nuhü Division opening launch party in Soho on December 2nd. Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto

“We are trying to send a message to our generation that you can be sustainable and still be trendy. We can still think about our environment but also be trendy. We want to be green but also colorful at the same time” – Nuhü’s General Manager, Alisa Nappa

With its tunnel-shaped design, referred to as the “tunnel of joy,” the store’s gender-neutral clothing designs and assortments are arranged by New York staple colors such as Soho Cobblestone gray, New York Bagel tan, Williamsburg Rose pink, Yankee Stadium navy blue, Strand Bookstore red, Greek Coffee Cup light blue, 4-5-6 Subway green and Manhattan Sunset purple (French Terry and Jersey collections). Their bestseller is the Jacquard Towel Terry series, which features Katz Delicatessen pink, Brooklyn Bridge brown, and the Jackie Kennedy Reservoir in navy blue. Each garment is labeled with a color code that is engraved into the fabric, showing the hue, the lightness, and the chroma which was used to concoct the exact color of the garment.

 Left is “New York Bagel” and on the right is “Strand Bookstore.”  Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto

“We are trying to create an experience in the space.” – Nuhü Architect, Javier Jimenez

All dyes are Oeko-Tex® certified, meaning they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Everything in the store, including the hangers, was created using sturdy cardboard and reusable packaging in an effort to maintain less solid waste, lower CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and overall water consumption. All garments are OCS certified, meaning they use organic cotton vs. conventionally grown which is an overall better material for your health and the wellbeing of our environment. Nuhü uses recycled cotton in order to free up land that will be used to grow crops and safeguard resources like water and soil, thanks to the reduced use of chemical products.

Model and muse Tiarra Pearson posing in front of a photograph of herself at the Nuhü Division launch party. Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto

Attendees included Alicia Drayton, Owen Cain, Steven G, Dalia DrakeTiarra Pearson, and numerous other influencers, creators, and guests who enjoyed a delightful display of vegan sushi from New York’s renowned Beyond Sushi and an impressive open bar. DJ Will Howell played a great selection of music that perfectly suited the energy and kept guests movin – in – groovin.

Influencers Owen Cain and Steven G at the Nuhü Division launch party. Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto
(Left to right) musician Q’ivan, photographer Elijah Dominique, and musician and model Alicia Drayton at the Nuhü Division launch party. Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto

Photography by Elisa Silva Barreto

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