The Seeds That Release

146 W 75th St, Suite 5B
New York, NY 10023

October 5

Contaminate in partnership with See.Me will stage a new incarnation of The Seeds that Release, a site-specific interactive performance premiered during Armory 2013, as part of the celebration of See.

Conceived by longtime Contaminate artists Taxiplasm, featured video artist at Times Square Midnight Moment in Jan 2013, and Joseph Grazi, the performance explores the inevitability of severance and the role of divine interference.

Standing on short metal cylinders and covered in white, enshrined by a dome of web, two figures are bound together by circles of malleable ropes, rotating on mirrored platforms. Audience members are invited to play God to the situation and sever their ties over the course of four hours. At last, when the performers are released from all bonds, they discover their own independence, as painful as it is pleasurable, confusing yet liberating. Yet, their frail and unique discovery is ultimately the audience’s responsibility. If we did nothing, they would learn nothing.

Creating a multi-sensory experience the performance will be accompanied by the talented musicians Steven Vega, Ian Thompson and Carla Jablonski playing original music to reflect and build on the energy of the dance installation within the impressive warehouse space.

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