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Many of us going through quarantine could probably use a little pick-me-up right now. For those lucky enough to work from home or otherwise self isolate, we want something to fill the void of the many life events that have come to a halt throughout the world. Sometimes it’s the little things that can help, and a good movie certainly can instill us with the optimism we desperately need this year. For all of us who are suckers for watching others overcome adversity, here are ten uplifting films that might make quarantine just a little easier:

Julie & Julia (2009)

Based both on the wildly successful cooking blog of writer Julie Powell and chef Julia Child’s autobiography, this movie is the definition of a feel-good romp. The film flips between Child’s journey from her younger days as she attempts to publish her landmark cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Powell’s present day mission to cook all of its recipes in a single year. For all the foodies passing the time cooking up a storm at home, give this one a watch.

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Handsome Devil (2017)

This Irish teen dramedy has been something of a sleeper hit in the states, exploding in popularity since its recent Netflix acquisition. Fans of Love, Simon will appreciate this simple LGBTQ-friendly story of two friends from opposite social circles who’s unlikely friendship is tested throughout their time in private school. Plus, it boasts everyone’s favorite Fleabag hot priest Andrew Scott in its cast.

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The Big Sick (2017)

The Big Sick tells the crazy real life story of the romance between comedian Kumail Nanjiani and writer/producer Emily V. Gordon, who began their relationship shortly before Gordon fell ill and was put in a medically induced coma. With both hilarious commentary about Nanjiani’s Pakistani family and interethnic relationships and a whole lot of heart, this one will make you cry but feel real warm and fuzzy at the same time.

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Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Chock full of inspirational clips and motivational monologues, this one will give you the jolt you need to stop procrastinating on your at-home workout routines. Relatable, funny and full of likable characters, Brittany has all the right stuff to make you smile all the way through.

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50/50 (2011)

A surprisingly understated and poignant film from Seth Rogan, who at this point was mostly known for broad Judd Apatow comedies like Knocked Up. This one follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam, a man diagnosed with cancer in his spine, and his struggles to accept his 50/50 survival prognosis with the help of his best friend, family, and therapist. It’s heartfelt and touching with a good dose of comedy.

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Dumplin’ (2018)

If you like a story of overcoming adversity while sticking it to the man in the process, then this one’s for you. Dumplin’ follows Willowdean Dickson as she signs up for her mother’s Bluebonnet pageant in protest of traditional beauty standards. When other unlikely teens follow in her footsteps, their small town in Texas is rocked to the core. This one’s a good time all around, and has the always fabulous Dolly Parton at the soundtrack helm. What’s not to love?

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Fighting with My Family (2019)

What’s more uplifting than a good family punch out? With everyone’s favorite wholesome wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as producer and supporting star, Fighting with My Family follows a former wrestler and his children’s dreams of following in his footsteps by rising up the ranks of WWE. We all love an underdog sports movie, and this one’s got the whole family involved.

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Dolemite is My Name (2019)

Besides the fact that this film was something of a comeback for Eddie Murphy, who’s last role of even remotely similar acclaim was 2006’s Dreamgirls, Dolemite is uplifting for the simple but effective story it tells of its subject, 70s’ blaxploitation star Rudy Ray Moore. Funny, charming, and completely over the top, Murphy shines light on a star who many Americans would likely have never been exposed to otherwise.

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

While not traditionally uplifting on the surface, this modern coming-of-age classic will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who’s ever felt like an outcast in their life. Perks invites us into the “island of misfit toys” to experience the highs and lows of high school life through the lens of a smart but troubled teen, and you can’t help but relate throughout the whole thing.

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The King’s Speech (2010)

2010’s Best Picture winner at the Oscars follows future King George VI, who must work with a speech therapist to cope with his pronounced stammer to address his country in a time of war. Collin Firth and Geoffrey Rush star in the lead roles, and have amazing chemistry as the king and his therapist who eventually becomes his close friend.

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