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Thanks to Gen Z’s interest in sustainable fashion and love of all things vintage, the reselling market is booming. In 2019 alone, online reselling grew 25 times faster than traditional retail. Consumers are loving resale sites for buying and selling. Whether you are looking to make some extra cash off unwanted clothing or you are scouring the web for great deals on preloved clothes, finding the right resale site is your first step. Check out our list of the best reselling platforms to find the one that works best for you. 

The RealReal

Fees: Commission rates for sellers vary from 40 percent to 85 percent depending on the value and category of the item. Rewards are given for higher levels of consignment.  

The RealReal is another authenticated luxury consignment site selling designer brands for up to 75 percent off. The company differentiates itself with its multiple levels of consignment, memberships, and opportunities to earn extra by also selling at in-person stores. Sellers can also list fine jewelry, home decor, and fine art. Quality items usually sell within a couple of days, so this option is perfect for those looking for a quick return on their luxury items.


Fees: Joining is free. Sales are subject to a seller’s fee percentage and possible payout fees such as bank transfer. Trades are subject to a 10 percent restocking fee. 

LePrix is known for its trading option. Rather than buying and selling, customers can also trade one item for another. This is great because traditional reselling apps take a cut from sales, which either means the seller loses out or the buyer doesn’t get the best deal. With the option to exchange, everyone wins. If exchanging isn’t for you, you can still buy, sell, and haggle just like every other site. 


Fees: Every sale is subject to a flat 10 percent fee.

The Mercari app is simple and easy to use, allowing sellers to list by posting a picture and setting a price. This site is not limited to clothing or fine goods like some of the others. Like a virtual flea market, you can find everything from headphones to action figures on here. Unlike flea markets, Mercari has an authenticated section for designer goods to help shoppers avoid fakes. 


Fees: For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. For sales of $15 or more, Poshmark’s commission is 20 percent, allowing you to keep 80 percent of your sale.

Poshmark combines online shopping with social media, allowing users to tailor their experience by following accounts with similar styles, sizes, and interests. Sellers set the price and buyers pay for shipping. When a sale is made, Poshmark emails a prepaid shipping label to the seller that they can print out and put on the box. 


Fees: 10 percent fee on the sale price (including the shipping costs) and a PayPal transaction fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents in the USA and 2.9 percent plus £0.30 in the UK.

Much like Poshmark, Depop allows users to follow each other to personalize their experience. Users can also “like” listings which allow buyers to curate a unique sense of style and sellers to see the level of interest in particular items. Depop has also partnered with luxury brands like Anna Sui and Christopher Raeburn who set up shops to sell new and old clothing including iconic runway looks from years past.


Fees: Etsy charges 20 cents to list an item, a 5 percent transaction fee, and a 3 percent plus 25 cent payment processing fee if you accept payments through Etsy Payments.

Though Etsy is best known for handmade clothing and art pieces, the vintage reselling market is quite popular there too. With selling fees on the lower end and a community of passionate artists, Etsy is a great place to sell unique and personalized styles. In addition to clothing, sellers can list home decor, toys, instruments, and more.


Fees: eBay offers 200 free listings a month and a final value fee after an item sells.

As the original online reselling market, eBay has a long legacy of connecting buyers and sellers from around the world. Sellers can really make a lot here due to bidding wars, while buyers may feel frustrated while watching the prices climb higher and higher. With no shortage of selections, some serious deals can slip through the cracks for dedicated bargain hunters. 

Online reselling is the perfect combination of sustainable shopping, great deals, and a way to make extra money, all without leaving your house. No wonder the market is projected to overcome fast fashion by 2029.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or trade, try out a reselling platform and see what you can find.

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