Chase & Paige Duddy of XYLØ . Photo by Anna Maria Lopez, courtesy of XYLØ.

DEAD END LOVE – XYLØ Video Premiere

Since blowing up the internet with their debut single, “America,” sibling duo XYLØ have continued to release hit tracks and inked a major label deal. Earlier this year they debuted their America EP, and embarked on a nationwide tour. Now XYLØ is back with a brand new video for “Dead End Love.” The expansive track and introspective video explores the many nuances of romance and also showcases the duo’s electric sibling synergy; Paige’s ethereal vocals provide the perfect compliment to Chase’s remix-ready production.

The Untitled Magazine has the exclusive video premiere of “Dead End Love,” Check it out and be sure to read our interview with Paige and Chase below.

Chase & Paige Duddy of XYLØ . Photo by Anna Maria Lopez, courtesy of XYLØ.

The Untitled Magazine: For those who aren’t yet familiar with XYLØ can you elaborate on your background?

Chase Duddy: I started drumming the minute I could hold sticks in my hands. Our grandfather was a drummer so he taught me at a very early age and I was constantly inspired by him. He was and still is my mentor today. I started drumming in bands in my early teens which led to me playing some of LA’s coolest clubs when I was only 13 years old with guys that were way older than me. After high school I went to LACM in Pasadena and studied drums and percussion. After I graduated I continued to play with bands, was a studio drummer and began producing. Throughout my twenties I’ve been a producer, composer and worked on adverts ranging from fashion campaigns to beauty and beyond. That is where XYLØ came about. I did adverts for Pac Sun and Paige sang on one of them. People loved the sound so we decided to do a passion project and created XYLØ.

Paige Duddy:  After the song we wrote for the Pacsun Advert gained millions of views, people started asking us for more music.

UM: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

PD: Music was a part of our everyday lives growing up. We come from a very musical family. I always loved to sing but never really took it seriously until I was 18 and out of high school. After working with Chase on music as a hobby, it sort of clicked for me and I really felt a passion for creating and recording music. Shortly after that we started XYLØ where I fell even more in love with performing.

UM: What is it like to work on music as siblings?

CD: It’s definitely challenging at times but overall we work great together and I believe in what were doing. Were lucky we get to share this together.

PD: It’s pretty awesome getting to create music, travel the world and perform with your sibling. It also can be difficult at times but at the end of the day we are blood so we have really great chemistry when it comes to having similar tastes in music, fashion, and the overall vision behind XYLØ.

UM: Can you explain the concept behind your new video, “Dead End Love?”

PD: The song is an analogy for love, and all the sacrifice that comes with it. Love isn’t black and white. There are contradictions- joy and sorrow, delight and melancholy. The lyric ‘Dead End Love Forever’ is itself an oxymoron. We wanted the video to depict that sense of uncertainty. You never see my lover’s face. There is no sense of time. Where are we driving to? We shot it as the sun set. We wanted it to reflect the lyric ‘If we drive right off the cliff, we can live dead end love forever.’ A metaphor for perhaps the biggest sacrifice two people in love could make.

UM: What does the future hold for XYLØ?

PD: The Staples Center.

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