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An exquisite home in the downtown heart of Manhattan, otherwise known as the Meatpacking District, the Elyx House NYC was created with Absolut Elyx, a high-end vodka from Absolut to “provide a true home for the brand on the East Coast of the United States.”

Wednesday night, an elite group of guests were invited to the House for a taste of the experience. As guests mingled with copper cocktail glass in hand, the decor of the House was impossible not to bring up in conversation. Described as “raw luxe,” the brand aesthetic was impressively woven quite literally into the fabric of the House by famed interior designer Shaun Clarkson.

Elyx House_4

After a cocktail hour, where guests were able to de-stress, mingle, and enjoy handcrafted drinks made with Absolut Elyx by master mixologists, they were treated to a three-course meal. The atmosphere, food and drink combined an air of coziness coupled with class; “raw luxe” indeed.

Every drop of Absolut Elyx is produced from wheat from a single estate in Sweden and distilled in a hand operated vintage still from 1921 made entirely from copper – explaining the heavy use of copper in the decor.

Take a look at some additional pictures from the event and the Elyx House below:

Elyx House_1

Elyx House_5

Elyx House_6

Elyx House_9

Elyx House_8

Photography by The Untitled Magazine.

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