Tom Glynn-Carney photographed by Jemima Marriott for The Untitled Magazine wearing a turtleneck, blazer, and trousers by Paul Smith and shoes by Christian Louboutin

British actor Tom Glynn-Carney burst onto the scene with his breakthrough role as Peter Dawson in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. He is keeping his winning streak alive with the recently released Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. Following the House of Targaryen almost 200 years prior to the flagship series, we see Glynn-Carney in the recurring role of Prince Aegon Targaryen, firstborn son of King Viserys. Before those two blockbuster projects, Glynn-Carney began his career in earnest on the stage, performing on Broadway and the West End in The Ferryman and The Glass Menagerie co-starring Amy Adams. Along with fronting his alternative folk band, Sleep Walking Animals, he takes the rebel badge with honor through all of his work, and isn’t slowing down his ascent.   

Read the full Tom Glynn-Carney interview from “The REBEL Issue” below.

Tom Glynn-Carney photographed by Jemima Marriott for The Untitled Magazine wearing a turtleneck by Paul Smith

Can you tell us about what life was like at home when you were growing up?

Home life in Salford was good. I grew up around real people and that is something I probably took for granted. The humor, love, generosity, and humility of the northern working class is something I hope to carry through life and pass on to my children someday.

It’s impressive you booked your first major role right after graduating from Guildhall – what was it like studying at that performing arts school? What did you take away most from your experiences there? 

I learned a lot at drama school. I met many interesting people with a lot of wisdom to share. I took the things that worked for me and discarded the things that didn’t. I’ll always have the things I learned at Guildhall in my back pocket. I made great friendships, ones I still hold dearly. 

Your breakthrough role after graduating was in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk – can you share some of your most memorable experiences being on set?

Dunkirk was my first job and the baptism of fire. I learned an awful lot. Chris was fantastic and took me under his wing. As did the rest of the more experienced cast, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy especially. We grew close as an ensemble and worked together to bring those characters to life. It’s one I’ll never forget. 

Can you tell us about your role in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon?

I can’t say much. It’s a matter of weeks now and all will be revealed, but what I can say is how amazing it was to be on a set of that size and to have worked with some of the greatest artists and collaborators. This is just the beginning and I’m excited for the journey!

Tom Glynn-Carney photographed by Jemima Marriott for The Untitled Magazine wearing a suit by Stella McCartney, top by Philipp Dorner and boots by Gianvito Rossi

Which other actors have inspired you throughout your career?

I’ve been inspired by many actors. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Rylance, Sam Rockwell, Frances McDormand, just to name a few. But I’ve been most inspired in my life by people who have nothing to do with acting or the industry whatsoever. Resilience, determination, selflessness, and a glass half full mentality are just a few traits of the people I’ve been most inspired by. 

Previously you acted on stage in The Ferryman on West End and Broadway, and now are currently in The Glass Menagerie with Amy Adams. Are there any highlights you can share from those two experiences?

Both plays I have been a part of were massively educational for me as an actor. I feel like theater is the lifeblood that actors crave, whether they know it or not. It’s the place where you sharpen tools, hone precision, widen the imagination, take risks and push boundaries every single night. There’s nothing like it. Without it I would feel stale and dried up. 

Why did you decide to take a step away from social media earlier this year? 

Social media can be a good thing, but everything in moderation. I like privacy, but we live in an age where that is becoming harder and harder to find. I have no interest in keeping up with trends or being famous. But I do like dog videos. 

What sparked your passion for music, and how did your band Sleep Walking Animals start? Any new music to look forward to?

Sleep Walking Animals is my escape from acting. Six mates, playing their own tunes for people who want to listen. What’s better than that? 

Is there any new music from Sleep Walking Animals we can look forward to?

New singles are out soon and will all be available on all music streaming platforms. “Ghost Of A King” and “Whiskey Breath Men” dates announced soon! Gigs are also stacking up so come down and say ‘ello. 

Tom Glynn-Carney photographed by Jemima Marriott for The Untitled Magazine wearing a shirt, blazer, and trousers by Moschino and boots by Christian Louboutin

How do you balance both your music and acting career? 

Oh God, yeah, of course acting and music can be juggled. As a wise man Richard Goodwin-Brown once said, “Prior planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance.” 

What does the word “rebel” mean to you? 

“Rebel” to me is that glint in the eye, the danger of “what if.” It means fuck it, we’re only here for bit, so try everything, love everyone, go everywhere, go against the grain, as long as you’re not hurting anyone, your life is yours to live so grab it by the bollocks. 

What else is on the horizon for you? Any other projects, personal or professional, that you are excited about?

Things on the horizon? Dunno, Glastonbury Festival is pretty high on the list; playing gigs across the country to larger audiences, traveling the world, playing across the globe and having a laugh while we’re at it. 

To read our print feature on Tom Glynn-Carney, pick up your copy of “The REBEL Issue” here.

Photography by Jemima Marriott for The Untitled Magazine
Styling by James Yardley
Skin by Michelle Webb
Hair by Veneer James
Styling assistant Ollie Last
Photographed on location at Jump Studio in London, UK

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