Are you a vodka enthusiast and have a major knack for international traveling? You have found the right place, or shall I say, experience. A new interactive endeavor on behalf of the Absolut Vodka family offers quite the lavish adventure, offering luxurious vodka tastings, briefings on the history of the Robeloff family estate, and all amidst the backdrop of beautiful Ähus, Sweden.


What is the Absolut Elyx Experience? It’s a structured experience emphasizing the process, origins, and unique flavors of which Absolut Elyx vodka offers. The Absolut Elyx is the latest of luxury vodka that is yet to be explored, as guests are offered vodka tastings alongside delicious (and local) foods, including cheeses, meats, and veggies, all grown within the parameters of where you are residing. Following drinks prepared by a mixologist, the actual history of the Absolut family legacy is explored through a series of vignettes via video. It’s just the precursor for the incredibly adventurous trip.


As if you can’t get local enough, the Absolut family invites you to not only have dinner alongside the farmer, Erik Bakested, but also the master distiller, Krister Asplund, which results in a true experience that guests will never forget. Let’s not fail to mention that the second day upon arrival you have the chance to:

  1. Participate in a glass-blowing course at a local spot, creating your own vase or serving glass.
  2. Engage in a helicopter tour of the Robeloff estate, where you actually see the wheat fields that are cultivated for the Absolut Vodka.
  3. Learn how to make “the perfect martini” under the instruction of bartender/mixologist.
  4. Attend a lovely breakfast at the family estate hunting lodge, where you will learn the harvesting techniques and process of how the wheat is grown, via horse-ridden carriage.

The history of the Absolut Vodka, originating all the way back in 1879, in Åhus, Sweden is one of groundbreaking craftsmanship. At the time, fractional distillation was a game-changer for the production of vodka. The business began with a boom, being sold for lower prices and placing Åhus on the map as a serious business competitor amongst the world’s distribution of spirits. Even Lars Olsson Smith, the founder, began inviting those beyond the border, proposing free ferry rides just for a taste.

Absolut Elyx_4

The brilliance remains in the lower pricing at the time, challenging the competing businesses of Stockholm. It wasn’t until 1979 that the global market was pushing the product forward, resulting in distribution in over 126 countries. Fast forward to present day, Absolut Vodka is now a household name. Its commercial growth and success has reached beyond the small town of Åhus, Sweden and now the Absolut Vodka Elyx experience is readily available for you to embark upon.

The experience itself is one that’s memorable and, yes, luxurious. The entire team at Absolut Vodka is more than gracious at hosting but also very informative about the brand. You’ll find yourself engaged and simply thrilled by the beautiful landscape of this part of Sweden. This luxury brand is offering top-notch vodkas as it has since the formation of the estate a century and half ago and now the Absolut Vodka estate welcomes you and invites you to board the Absolut Elyx experience. So, enjoy yourself and book a trip to the quaint town of Åhus, Sweden, where once you leave you will never look at Absolut Vodka the same way ever again. The strong connection between the luxury vodka and its natural setting is one that testifies to the craftsmanship that lies within that glass you’re drinking. It’s simply unforgettable.

Article by Taylor Ghrist for The Untitled Magazine


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