The German artist Andy Hope 1930 is currently exhibiting his show “Medley Tour London” at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in London.  The exhibition will include “X-Medleys,” a new series of paintings that combine graphic elements with re-imagined images from pop culture, which will be presented alongside new and reinterpreted installations.  The exhibition is a “tour” of Hope’s major artistic efforts throughout his career, playing with some of the images that have been influential in his work in order to create a fresh interpretation and perspective on his career.  The exhibition deals with one of the central issues of Hope’s artwork, the manipulation of time, by allowing the artist to display and intervene in his own past as a means to propel himself into the future.  Hope explains his decision to revisit his earlier work as a way to continue his art without, “constructing new narratives and enlarging [his] sign systerm, without accumulating more references and going deeper into the labyrinth.”

“Medley Tour London” by Andy Hope 1930 is on display at Hauser & Wirth Gallery from April 18-May 26

Emily Kirkpatrick for The Untitled Magazine

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