The Marley Collection - Cedella Marley and the Marley clan by The Untitled Magazine
The Marley Collection – Cedella Marley and the Marley clan – Photo by Indira Cesarine

In a move that reflects the company’s continued expansion into the fashion apparel space, Bravado, Universal Music Group’s global music merchandising company, has launched Marley Apparel, a new and exciting men’s clothing line, drawing inspiration and paying tribute to the late and legendary Bob Marley and his signature style during the 60’s and 70’s. Designed by Bob Marley’s eldest daughter Cedella Marley, the collection embodies Marley’s passion for life in the studio and on the soccer field. Iconic images of Marley are brought to life using high quality and sustainable fabrics to create a collection of modern day casual-wear with a retro twist. The Untitled Magazine sat down with Cedella Marley to talk about the inspiration for the collection.

The Untitled Magazine
The Marley Collection – Cedella Marley – Photo by Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine: Can you tell me a little bit about your inspiration for the collection? I understand that a lot of it is inspired by your father and that you’re launching it during the World Cup?

Cedella Marley: Right now it is just a football capsule. My dad was a big football fan and he was a good player and it was dear to his heart. We felt that it was just time for us to do something around football – there is no imagery, it’s very inspired by the t-shirts that we used to see our dad in with different teams on them. We decided that now was the time so why not do it? Our fabric is 70% cotton and 30% hemp – it’s organic, it feels good, feels yummy on your body. It has a vintage feel to the fabric. The capsule incorporates five of the countries playing in the World Cup right now: Brazil, USA, England, Gana, France, and Ethiopia. Although Ethiopia didn’t make the qualifying rounds we still have to honor them because they meant so much to my dad.

IC: How did you bring those elements into the collection?

CM: Through the colors. If you see archives of my dad, he wears a lot of soccer-brand t-shirts. So, we took that concept and Marley-esqued it. That’s our new word, “Marley-esque.” That’s how we turned it into our own! We have the color waves that go with each country and then we keep “one love.” We pay respect to all of the teams out there paying respects to their country.

IC: What was the reason behind coinciding this launch with the World Cup?

CM: It just made sense. It all came together… we’re on a football kick!

IC: Tell me a bit about the Reggae Girls…

CM: The Reggae Girls are our national football team. I contacted them because my 10 year old brought home a flyer where they were asking for donations. I contacted them to see how I could help and they said, “It would be great if you could be the ambassador.” I realized that these girls were not funded at all, so my family got involved. We began matching donations and now they’re going to the Dominican Republic for the first rounds. I’m excited about it! They still need help and support, as they don’t have the financial resources to activate. It’s something that will be ongoing and it will be challenging but we’re Marley’s and we can handle a challenge.

IC: Is there any particular reason as to why you’re doing solely menswear?

CM: We’re going to get into women’s as well! I have so many brothers who can represent the menswear so well!

IC: It’s a bit of a family affair, no?

CM: It’s always a family affair!

A portion of the net proceeds from the sale of Marley Apparel will go to the One Love Gardens initiative. One Love Gardens helps fund and create self-sufficient, eco-friendly plots of land for the less affluent communities to grow food and herbs in Jamaica and eventually around the world.

Items from Marley Apparel Spring/Summer 2014 and Soccer Capsule Collection 2014 will be available nationwide at select retailers on www.wearmarley.com.


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