London Fashion Week June, image courtesy londonfashionweek.co.uk

London Fashion Week June
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

June 7-9, 2024

This year, London Fashion Week June (LFW) is angling to spark a cultural conversation and provide a platform for diverse British designers and creatives to tell their stories with an emphasis on menswear. Designers presenting include denzilpatrick, Genaro Rivas, Craig Green, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and QASIMI. Hosted by the British Fashion Council (BFC), this season’s 40th Anniversary Programme will celebrate some of the cultures that make a contribution to British fashion.

The cultural program will be curated by broadcaster Clara Amfo, writer and activist Kai-Isaiah Jamal and creative Simran Randhawa, and will kick off on Friday, June 7th at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA). This insider-only event will focus on three distinct cultural influences that have significantly shaped the British fashion industry: Black culture, South Asian culture and queer culture. 

London Fashion Week 40 Years. London Fashion Week 40 Years by British Fashion Council.
Courtesy of the British Fashion Council

LFW40 will also include a retrospective installation that celebrates the success of LFW and the important role it plays globally. This will be complemented by the “40 for 40” schedule, with an incredible lineup of 40 activations hosted by leading British brands and designers across the city including catwalk shows, presentations and events.

Event highlights include: 

Spotlighting cultures with LFW guest curators Clara Amfo, Kai-Isaiah Jamal and Simran Randhawa
The program will kick off with a panel discussion featuring all of the guest curators on the rich and significant impacts of Black, South Asian and queer cultures on British fashion.

Sound & Harmony Spotlights Black Artists hosted by Clara Amfo
Clara Amfo will host an event focusing on Black artists and their contributions to music and fashion. Amfo is a trusted broadcaster and one of the most dynamic voices and faces in British radio and television. Her event will include performances that explore the intersection of music, fashion and Black culture, highlighting how these elements harmonize to create powerful cultural expression.

Afternoon “T” You Make This Place Beautiful hosted by Kai-Isaiah Jamal
There will be an exhibition curated and hosted by Kai-Isaiah Jamal, emphasizing themes of self-love and community. The event will gather non-binary and trans VIPs and provide a platform for discussions and performances that highlight the beauty and strength within the queer and trans communities, emphasizing themes of self-love and visibility. Jamal is a poet, model and activist, so while this event primarily celebrates Black culture, it also intersects with queer culture through Jamal’s personal and professional experiences.

Model on Runway. Model on Runway for London Fashion Week.
Courtesy of London Fashion Week

Explorations in Blue
On Saturday, principal partner 1664 Blanc will put on “Explorations in Blue” on Saturday, inviting participants to select exhibitions and more panel talks. This unique collaboration welcomes different types of people to LFW to celebrate individuality and creativity while breaking down barriers to the fashion industry.

Diversity in Creative Industries: A Conversation on Diversity, hosted by Maliha Shoaib, in conversation with Simran Randhawa and Lea Ogunlami
Journalist Maliha Shoaib will lead a conversation with creatives Simran Randhawa and Lea Ogunlami about diversity in the fashion industry, featuring insights from South Asian cultural perspectives.

‘Business & Authenticity’ How to create, build and sustain a fashion brand in an ever-evolving environment
Victoria Moss, Fashion Director at Evening Standard, will lead this panel talk speaking to fashion designers Charlie Casely-Hayford and Rejina Pyo. The panelists will discuss the importance in supporting young talent from all backgrounds, how their various heritages have shaped their works and what it takes in the fashion industry for work to stand the test of time.

‘Are we going far enough?’ Performative activism in the fashion industry hosted by Kemi Alemoru, in conversation with Munroe Bergdorf and Victoria Jenkins
Journalist Kemi Alemoru will host a panel discussion with queer model and activist Munroe Bergdorf and adaptive designer and disability advocate Victoria Jenkins on performative activism and its impact on the fashion industry.

Courtesy of the British Fashion Council

In Conversation with Charles Jeffrey and Raven Smith
Designer Charles Jeffrey, currently celebrating ten years of his iconic brand Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, will be speaking to Vogue columnist Raven Smith. Jeffrey will talk about his experiences in the industry as a young, Scottish creative, and also on the development of the fashion landscape over the past decade.

A Dinner Celebrating The South Asian Impact on British Fashion
Simran Randhawa will host a dinner event celebrating South Asian influence in British fashion. This event will honor the inspiration South Asian culture has provided British fashion, particularly in areas such as pattern, textile, and craftsmanship. It will feature a curated menu and conversations that delve into the rich heritage and contemporary contributions of South Asian designers and artisans. The dinner is not part of Explorations in Blue and is the last private event in the celebration of cultures.

View the full schedule below: 

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