Top row left to right: Frolov, David Koma, SRVC, and Simone Rocha; Bottom row left to right: SRVC, Simone Rocha, Frolov, and David Koma. 

London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 showcased a diverse range of creative collections, celebrating the event’s 40th anniversary. The UK catwalks presented a number of key trends that are set to influence the fashion scene. Whether it be excess in faux fur, glamorous raincoats, green in every tone from mint green to racer green, dramatic trains, or sheer skirts – London Fashion Week dares to redefine trends in fashion. 

Here are some of the fashion trends we saw the most: 

Faux Fur

Fur, fur, and more fur! Full, furry coats and puffed-up sleeves made up a majority of the London Fashion Week’s runway this year. Even brands like Burberry couldn’t avoid joining in on the fur craze. Designers such as Natasha Zinko, Conner Ives, and Sinead Gorey also contributed to the trend.


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Green Color Palette

With the spring season just weeks away, it seems many brands want to get with the green. This specific color made appearances in Erdem’s collection among many others on the UK runways. In particular, brands like Roksanda and JW Anderson didn’t shy away from the color either. 


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Historical Twists

London designers incorporated historical elements with a modern and cheeky twist, seen in lace layers and sheer sheaths by the likes of Simone Rocha, Dilara Findikoglu, and designer Richard Quinn. 

Simone Rocha Fall/Winter 2024 Runway, Photographed by Ben Broomfield


Denim trends are already on the rise, so it’s no surprise that a lot of denim hit the London runways. SRVC’s collection showcased subversive denim styles. Priya Ahluwalia’s own brand stunned this fashion week as well, featuring a denim dress with a unique silhouette. 

SRVC Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Credits: SRVC

Sheer Skirts

Sheer skirts, dresses, and overall attire have become a more recent trend in fashion, and no better designer showcases this than fashion designer Simone Rocha! Rocha took full advantage of this trend, dressing the models in see-through material that gave the ladies a classic, ethereal look. Susan Fang and Dilara Findikoglu also wowed guests with their takes on the sheer look.

Simone Rocha Fall/Winter 2024 Runway, Photographed by Ben Broomfield

Hooded Garments

Fashionable hooded figures stalked the runway more than usual this year. This time around, hooded garments were spotted on a great deal of models, ever since Saint Laurent popularized the style a few seasons prior. Brands like Chet Lo and Frolov flaunted these hoods in different textures, fabrics, and styles. 

Frolov Fall/Winter2024 Runway, Photographed by Chris Yates


Trains added flair to outfits, cascading from shoulders or trailing from minis for a striking and dramatic runway effect. David Koma incorporated trains into his collections of coats and upper-body garments. Other designers such as Roksanda and Simone Rocha also included elegant trains.

David Koma Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Credits: David Koma


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