DJ Sliink, Electric Zoo 2013 © The Untitled MagazineDJ Sliink

UNTITLED: I hear you do a lot of collaborations with fashion designers like Alexander Wang and Rick Owens?

DJ SLIINK: Rick Owens put one of my songs in his fashion shows last year. A month later they wanted me to do a remix for him. It was a project for him and his wife. It was a great opportunity working with a fashion designer because music and fashion clicks. They put it on vinyl, they put it on a USB. I just so happened to be out in Paris the same time as Fashion Week so I went to the fashion show and had dinner with them. Alexander Wang also put one of my songs in his fashion show; it’s called “Put Your Back In It”.

U: Are you doing any shows this season?

DJ S: Maybe…

U: Can you tell me what defines your sound, and what are your musical inspirations?

DJ S: My sound is Jersey club music. It’s the offshoot of Baltimore club music. It’s for people that are not familiar with Baltimore club music. You can look up DJ Techniques, Black Star, and K Swift. A lot of them sound like 130 BPM, dance club music. Jersey club music is an offshoot of that, a little bit different. It’s crazy.

U: Are there any other DJs you follow?

DJ S: I’m a fan of Alvaro. I’m also a fan of A Track. I want to discover people that I don’t even know about.

U: What do we have to look forward to from you? Are there any festivals on the line up or any big performances you are planning this year?

I have the Foxtaill Festival in Delaware next month with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Scott. I just did Trillectro in DC with Asap Rocky and Wale. I’m working on my EP, that’s the most important thing. That’s what I’m dedicating all my time to.

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