Fall Winter 2018 Gucci ad campaign. Photos courtesy of Gucci.com

Tiktok is a land for basically everyone, from cute dogs reacting to high-pitched noises to real fashion critiques and trends. Though this app has more fashion trends than one person could ever get to know, some of them went “viral” for their accuracy and style.

The first fashion Tiktok trend that stood out to me was “How to look like a Gucci model” which was started by the user @morganpresleyxo. Presley, who is known for her funny and outrageous videos, started this trend not knowing how much this would blow up. In the 60-second video, she outlines the layers needed to, as the title suggests, look like a model in an ad campaign for Gucci. From a colorful turtleneck with a mismatched shirt of top to a signature Gucci headscarf around the face with sunglasses, Presley builds an unexpected look that surprisingly works. 


I’m reposting this bc people are under the impression that someone else is the original creator. It is me. I’m setting the record straight real quick

♬ original sound – Morgan Presley

But how similar is this viral fashion trend to the real thing? By looking at the fashion brand’s ad campaigns, it is safe to say Presley did her research. In Gucci campaigns, the rules of what patterns or colors go together goes out the window and unexpected items are put together in one look. 

Take these images above from the fall/winter 2018 collection, for example, in which the looks appear to be made to look mismatched. The campaign, entitled “The Collectors,” featured a look with plaid brown pants, a striped blue button-down, a graphic sweatshirt, a dainty purse and a black embroidered face mask, all items that appear too different in style and color to be paired together in one whole look. The same pattern goes for the other two pictures–the lack of cohesion in Gucci looks has become a real staple.

When Presley started the viral TikTok trend, she wasn’t only making a funny video, she was pointing out a real fashion trend and possibly criticizing it too.  Luckily Gucci took the trend in great stride, even reposting some of the versions of this trend to their official page.


Celebrating the GucciModelChallenge—created by users to recreate Gucci-inspired looks with their clothing. @iblamepraise Voice by @morganpresleyxo

♬ original sound – Gucci

Another fashion trend taking TikTok by storm is the “What I Would Wear Front Row At Fashion Shows.” TikTokers, tired of their quarantined lives during COVID-19, play with the notion of “all dressed up and nowhere to go” by creating fashion show looks at home and pretending to be at fashion week’s front rows. These creatives mimic each brand’s style in a light-hearted fantasy wearing pieces from their own closet and transforming them into each designers’ specific aesthetic.

The first account to create this trend is @race.dont.matter. In their video, the couple hypothetically goes to Prada, Maison Margiela and Versace fashion shows.


Which show did we kill? Hats by @thebuckshat #fy #fashionshow #styleinspiration #foryou #viral #prada #versace #trending #frontrowtiktok #style

♬ Originalton – A$hanti

As for how spot on the couple was with their looks, the duo also knows their fashion. For the Prada look, by opting for powerful all-black leather looks, the sleekness and simplicity of the brand comes through. For the Margiela look, though the brand has bolder and brighter colors in their collections, their white and cream looks radiate the fashion house’s raw approach. Lastly, for Versace, the couple decided to opt for a classic pattern from the Italian label.

As this trend becomes viral across social media platforms and millions of TikTok users, more and more people are joining the dream of attending a high-fashion runway show. After all, who wouldn’t want to dream of such luxury from the comfort of their couch?

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