Screenshots from TikTok accounts @jasonderulo and @chaseicon.

If you’re an avid TikTok user, or are merely interested in the lifestyle, you no doubt have had quite a rollercoaster of a week. Last Friday, President Trump announced an official ban on the social media application (following initial rumblings back in July) stating that it would be unavailable to download from any app stores on Sunday, September 20, and unable to host internet traffic in the US after November 12th.

However, in the short few days since that initial announcement, many developments were made in a short amount of time. After an initial delay of the official ban, the President announced his “blessing” over a new ownership deal of the app, one that would apparently relinquish all control from its parent company ByteDance, or indeed any Chinese-investors at all, over to both Oracle and Walmart. Well, that complete control turned out to be a combined 20% stake int he company, but nevertheless prompted ByteDance to dispute Trumps claims on Sunday, leading the President to publicly second-guess the deal, stating that “if we find that [Oracle and Walmart] don’t have total control, then we’re not going to approve the deal.”

The point is, TikTok is in a steady state of limbo at the moment, with its longevity in the United States heavily up in the air. So, just in case the mega-hit app joins Vine and Myspace six feet under, now would be a good time for current users to check out these clever and entertaining creators while they still can.

Chase Icon (@chaseicon)


Even if you don’t know who Chase Icon is, you’ve probably heard her voice online somewhere. The influencer rose to prominence on Instagram with her hilarious dubs of Lady Gaga clips, with whom she shares an uncanny vocal resemblance. Irreverent and incredibly active, Chase recently launched her TikTok account which has quickly reached over 60k followers, cementing her as a quintessential LGBTQ+ influencer.

Sarah Schauer (@sjschauer)


POV: getting birth control

♬ original sound – Sarah Schauer

Sarah Schauer was one of the premiere content creators of TikTok’s closet progenitor, Vine. She rose to popularity making light of the unjust and occasionally over the top struggles that face restaurant wait staff in America (a topic certain exasperated this year), and in 2020 she remains just as hilarious with her dry and sarcastic take on everyday observations.

Jason Derulo (@jasonderulo)


Jason Derulo is one of the few A-list celebrities who has truly understood the essence of TikTok: pure, silly chaos. His various stunts, like eating corn on the cob with a drill have earned him millions of followers, and his sheer determination to have fun while making content has kept him remarkably relevant and entertaining online.

Megan Thee Stallion (@theestallion)


Another A-lister on TikTok, chances are you’ve heard Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” before. As TikTok dance crazes go, the rapper’s hit was undoubtably one of the biggest and longest lasting, and was partially responsible for her introduction to the mainstream. There aren’t that many videos on Megan’s page, but she keeps herself active with music snippets and entertaining dancing.

Ryan Kelly (@youthpastorryan)


Not a great name #awkward #wholesome #WorldPeace #wearetiktok

♬ original sound – Ryan Kelly

Influencers like Ryan Kelly may seem a dime a dozen on social media nowadays, but Kelly might be TikTok’s most charming one. Finding jokes in an endless stream of everyday observations (like his unfortunate initials of “R. Kelly”), Kelly chronicles his incredibly wholesome job at Disneyland and other pursuits that will make you laugh and cringe in equal measure.

How to Cake It (@how.to.cake.it)


Already a longtime success on YouTube with her own prolific cake decorating business, Yolanda Gampp’s How to Cake It is one of the best places to go for the bright and cheery cake porn we all crave from time to time. Endlessly talented and with the driest, yet most endlessly charming sense of humor, Yo brings nothing but joy to the world of online baking.

Eitan Bernath (@eitan)


For those looking for cooking content more on the savory side, but just as breathtakingly beautiful, Eitan Bernath has got you covered. The young chef has built a social media empire, with a plethora of videos and montages on TikTok that will instantly make your mouth water, and his zany and carefree attitude will almost make you forget how expertly he executes his craft.

Nailthoughts (@nailthoughts)


If inedible art is more your speed, take a look at nailthoughts. Absolutely mesmerizing artistry coupled with impeccable style, the account shows off nail artist Katie Masters’ precise talent and creativity, with amazing creations that range from intricate floral work to seasonally inspired designs.

The Rybka Twins (@rybkatwinsofficial)


If you spend hours scrolling through the likes of Charli D’Amelio watching dance challenge after dance challenge, you’re certainly not alone. The Rybka Twins take it to a whole new level, dancing in perfect sync while wowing you with their great looks and effortless talent. They’re the TikTok dancers of choice for those looking for consistent, enjoyable dance content.

Doctor Leslie (@drleslie)


What other tips do glasses wearers have!!?? #glasses #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – Doctor Leslie

Lastly, it’s not all cooking tutorials and dance challenges. TikTok has seen countless creators, like Doctor Leslie use the platform for good by dissuading the spread of medical miss-information surround the COVID-19 pandemic. Her account includes helpful tips, as well as plenty of humor that those fighting in the front lines at the moment will certain appreciate in the few moments they have to spare.

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