Fruit Salad x Katherin Benrhardt
Fruit Salad x Katherine Benhardt

Fruit Salad
Venus Over Los Angeles
601 South Anderson Street
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Opening Reception: July 26th

Katherine Bernhardt unveiled a colorful and fruity treat for Los Angeles on July 26th. At the opening reception hosted by Adam Lindemann’s new gallery, Venus Over Los Angeles, the artist debuted her site-specific mural, Fruit Salad. The mural covers the exterior walls of the 14,000 sq. ft.,  L.A. gallery with vibrant colors and animated imagery.

The specific series of paintings utilize both acrylic and spray paint and illustrate a hodgepodge of objects including cigarettes, fruit, junk food, sharks, and toucans. The visual emerged from the artist’s imagination and personal experiences. Although at first glance, the kooky and rather random assortment of objects have no connection to one another, Katherine Bernhardt prompts her viewers to piece together the puzzle of meaning.

While Fruit Salad caught many eyes that walked past the Los Angeles gallery, the mural only serves as a prelude to Bernhardt’s upcoming exhibition, Pablo & Efrain at Venus Over Manhattan from September 9th until October 24th.

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