Tony Vincente. Courtesy of Tony Vincente/Rossario George.

The joy and passion that Tony Vincente feels for his brand, Rossario George, is palpable in both his designs and the enthusiasm with which he talks about them. As founder and CEO of a growing fashion label that regularly churns out trendsetting collections, it would be safe to assume that he has his hands full. But that’s only part of the mission for Vincente, who established Rossario George in 2018 as a brand that creates luxury fashions with the intention of making them as accessible as possible to the wider public.

Even as his brand increases its success, Vincente hopes that fashion consumers see Rossario George as a reflection of celebration and inclusivity. As a creative, he is remarkably prolific and regularly works on multiple collections at once. His latest, Love, Laird, Leather and Lace, is set to be unveiled later this month.

The Untitled Magazine sat down with Vincente to talk about Rossario George, his inspirations as a designer, and his wider mission as an industry figurehead. Read our interview with Tony Vincente below.

Courtesy of Tony Vincente/Rossario George.

How did growing up in New York City shape your journey in the fashion industry? Can you tell us what influenced your love of fashion?

New York is the city of opportunity and a place where fashion reigns. It instilled a passion for the industry and luxury life in me, but it took leaving and coming to Seattle to find my place in the fashion industry and take it. Crazy, right? In regards to what influenced my love of fashion, there were several things. First and foremost, my pretty stylish mom, and secondly, truly understanding the feeling behind looking good. It’s empowering, and I am proud that Rossario George is providing this feeling to so many around the world.

How did you get your start in the fashion industry prior to launching Rossario George? 

It all began with designing garments for Shop Vida. Prior to that, I was into home design and decoration. It was my design aesthetic that caught the company’s eye enough to reach out to me and ask if I would be interested in designing garments for them.

What inspired you to launch your own label?

Once I became a success at Shop Vida, it gave me the drive to try my hand at creating garments on my own. The following year, I created my first line of ready-to-wear and shoes under the Rossario George umbrella. Five years and more later, we are a full-fledged lifestyle brand that sells ready-to-wear, men’s and women’s couture, shoes, accessories, and five star- rated and Leaping Bunny-certified beauty for the face, eyes, and lips.

What is the name inspired by?

Rossario George is named after my partner of 21 years and counting’s father. He was a style-forward fellow, and it just seemed the perfect name for a luxury lifestyle brand.

You are truly a multi-hyphenate as a CEO, creative director, stylist, designer, and online personality, and you were named one of the top thirty personalities disrupting the fashion world. Could you talk about how you are making waves with Rossario George?

You sure know how to make a girl blush! I am so proud to wear so many creative hats. It allows me to really see and understand what my brand’s impact is and who our audience is. To answer your question on making waves, I specialize in keeping everyone guessing. Every collection Rossario George releases is unique. You will never know what’s next, and that, my darlings, will keep you coming back for more.

Courtesy of Tony Vincente/Rossario George.

Rossario George operates with “the idea that everyone should be able to purchase luxury goods without compromising quality.” Why is this ideology important to you?

It is important to me because I want everyone to live their best life. When I was younger, I dealt with a lot of things. I was obese, gay, and horrifically picked on in school. I was made to feel as little and unimportant as a human could possibly feel. Once I came into my own, I swore I would always be a bright spot in the world. Thankfully, Rossario George allows me the opportunity to fulfill my promise by creating a luxury lifestyle everyone can enjoy and, most importantly, can afford. Feeling your best should never make you go broke. There’s no beauty in that.

How would you describe the label’s aesthetic identity?

Rossario George is the definition of true fashion evolution. As I stated earlier, honey, we specialize in keeping you guessing. It is how we keep growing. People know our quality and aesthetic, but they never know what’s next. It’s what keeps us fresh and on the forefront year after year.

Can you tell us about your most recent collection?

Which one? Ha! Fact, I work on multiple collections at any time. I love having one big collection. In this case, the upcoming RG L4 – Love, Laird, Leather and Lace – collection is the main one for 2023. We will be unveiling this collection at the fifth annual Couture and Cars Fashion Show at the LeMay – America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA on Saturday, July 22nd.

The RG L4 collection is the culmination of the past two years. Love is something I always find inspiration in. I was made a Laird this year after purchasing property in Scotland, and finally Leather and Lace, which is an ode to our first solo fashion show that we put on last year, where I showed the Rock and Rhinestones collections. It was edgy and rock-inspired. I loved it, but L4 is my final say on it as the next collection is immensely different.

RG L4 also introduces the Grand Dame gown. Each collection from this point on will end with one. What makes a gown a “Grand Dame” you may be thinking? This dress will be the culmination of the entire collection in one dress. These gowns are true works of art and will never be sold. As we grow, it’s my idea to see them in museums and galleries around the world. 

What inspires you when you’re designing a new collection?

Music and life are my main inspirations. I dread silence and always have pleasant sounds of joy as I design and write. I’m listening to the Talking Heads’ greatest hits as I write this!

If you could have one person wear your designs, who would it be and why?

I would love to see Dua Lipa in my fashions. She is someone I respect highly and whose music I really enjoy. She honors the past but forges the future, sort of like the Rossario George brand.



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We love Rossario George’s commitment to affordable luxury. What led you to being passionate about making luxury goods accessible?

I’m a lover of luxury brands, but since becoming one, I know what markups look like. I understand recouping cost and making profit, but it doesn’t have to be on the backs of hardworking people who want to enjoy quality. I guess it goes back to me being a “disrupter” in the fashion industry. I want to lead the charge for luxury brands to rethink their costs and adjust. Fashion is about celebrating beauty, and this celebration should be had by all.

Can you tell us more about the Rossario George cruelty-free beauty collection? 

RG Beauty is five star-rated and Leaping Bunny-certified. This certification is a badge of honor as companies must register and then show proof that every step of creation never harms animals. I love animals, and it was essential that we gained this honor. In addition to this, our beauty products are paraben and sulfate-free as well. We have opened up the line for wholesale, so stores and boutiques looking for luxury beauty, feel free to reach out!

How has your experience as a designer changed since starting Rossario George? Have you seen your vision or style evolve?

 I have become more seasoned in many things, specifically how I run Rossario George and of course the direction of our designs. I’m exploring so many groundbreaking textiles and ideas, collection after collection. Since starting it, I also have a much better understanding of the responsibility businesses have in protecting the planet and each other.

 How do you see Rossario George evolving in the future?

 I see us being a big player in the fashion and beauty industries, continuing to make a positive impact across the globe, and helping change the costs customers have to pay to see luxury.

Are there any other upcoming projects for Rossario George you can tell us about?

So many things. I can’t get into detail, but I will leave you with the following teaser: Look to the sky for the next collection – but how far? I love being mysterious…

For more from Tony Vincente and Rossario George, follow them on Instagram: Tony Vincente | Rossario George

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