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Over the years, the glittering world of celebrity makeup artistry has found Allison Kaye; a bright star whose early fascinations with glam, pink and sparkles were not merely childhood whims but a clear indication of her destined path. From styling Barbie dolls and neighbors under the influence of her hairstylist grandmother to becoming a sought after name in the beauty industry, Kaye’s journey is a testament to a lifelong passion turned profession. Her knack for creating stunning, enduring looks has not only made her a favorite among high-profile clients but also a fixture at major events like the Super Bowl LVII, where her expertise in game-day glam has been in high demand.

Kaye’s unique approach in collaborating with clients to achieve the perfect look, sets her apart in the competitive field of celebrity makeup artistry. A signature style of neutral soft glam, coupled with her perfectionism, meticulous attention to cleanliness, and calm demeanor distinguishes her in her work. As a Miami based makeup artist, Allison Kaye’s days are a whirlwind of client appointments, content creation, and managing a professional presence that continues to attract the celebrity clientele. 

In an exclusive interview with The Untitled Magazine, Allison Kaye shares insights into her inspirations, memorable moments, signature techniques, and the daily life of a celebrity makeup artist. From her dream gig to future plans in the beauty industry, including her excitement for the upcoming Super Bowl in Las Vegas and Miami Swim Week, her story is one of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to bringing beauty visions to life. Read on to dive into the glamorous world of celebrity makeup artistry with Allison Kaye.

What inspired you to become a makeup artist, and how did your early experiences styling Barbie dolls and neighbors influence your career?

I have been very girly my entire life.  I’ve always loved glam, pink, and sparkles. My grandma was a hairstylist so I think I was always meant to be in the beauty industry.  By styling people when I was younger, I just grew to love doing glam and knew I eventually wanted to do makeup as an adult.

Can you share some memorable moments from your recent experience at Super Bowl LVII working with the Kansas City Chiefs ‘WAGS’? 

The super bowl in Phoenix in Feb 2023 was so much fun.  I did makeup on NFL clients for 4 days.  The first day I did NFL wives for NFL Honors, the televised awards show. The second and third days I worked with NFL wives from different teams for their red carpets, media, and parties. The fourth and final day was Super Bowl Sunday where 6 wives from the Kansas City Chiefs hired me to glam them for the big super bowl game.

How do you approach creating game-day glam looks for high-profile events like the Super Bowl? 

The number one priority in all makeup looks is longevity.  I also ask the client for glam inspo pics and what they are wearing so we can work together to create a glam they will love but will also last for (potentially) 24 hours! There will be tailgates before the game, and if your team wins you have after parties, so the glam needs to survive through it all!


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What is your signature style or technique that sets you apart in the world of celebrity makeup artistry? 

My signature style is a neutral soft glam look.  This is typically what clients ask me for when they hire me but sometimes I get to be creative with different looks and different occasions.  Things that set me apart are that I am a perfectionist and won’t leave until the glam is perfect and the client is ready to walk out the door. Also, my cleanliness with my kit and products, and my ability to stay calm and lighthearted through chaotic or stressful situations.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life as a Miami-based celebrity makeup artist? 

My days are so different because makeup is not a 9-5 type job.  If it is a day I am working on a client, I’ll wake up and get ready and head to the client.  Afterwards i’ll start to look at the content I took and post photos or videos. On days where I am not working with clients, I am creating beauty content for Instagram and TikTok, answering emails, and running errands while just catching up on life.

What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists looking to enter the celebrity glam world?

My best advice is that your Instagram/ TikTok is a portfolio of your work.  Behind the scenes you need to make yourself as professional looking as possible.  This means having an easy to navigate website that clearly outlines what type of work you do and how clients can book you. Also, posting your best work ONLY on Instagram and TikTok is important because when a potential client sees something that is “just okay” or not professional looking, they will start to doubt you and will look into hiring someone else.

How do you manage being everywhere all at once and providing luxury services in various locations like Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Miami, and Cleveland?

I have two homes: one in south Florida and one in Cleveland, Ohio.  I go to Cleveland for 2-3 months a year in the summer and service clients while I am there.  The rest of the year I am down in South Florida but am always available for travel if clients need me to be somewhere else!

What is your favorite makeup product or tool that you can’t live without? 

I cannot live without the Morphe x Ariel brush set or my tripod and lighting set up!  I have this great tripod that folds up small but will extend to be the same height as me standing. (Amazon is great!)

Can you tell us about a beauty trend that you think will blow up this year?

The “mob wife aesthetic” is already trending and I think it will continue to trend because we have been in the “clean girl era” for a few years now and I think we all want something else to be in style. This is what came up for this year and it seems to be sticking!!!

What are your favorite pastimes besides makeup and styling, and how do they influence your work? 

Besides doing makeup, I love creating beauty content for social media, going to brand events and hanging out with other creators in Miami, playing tennis, cooking new recipes, and going shopping!

If you could work with anyone who would it be and why? Tell us about your dream gig. 

I think my dream gig would be to do makeup on Taylor Swift for an NFL game.  I know that working with Taylor would be so iconic and truly change my life and probably break the internet.

Finally, what are your future plans and aspirations in the beauty industry? 

I am looking forward to glamming at the Super Bowl this year in Las Vegas and Miami Swim Week this summer. My big goal for this fall is to continue to work with NFL teams every weekend to create game day glam looks. 

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