00040m00200m00340mJOHN GALLIANO – PARIS F/W 2012 FASHION SHOW

Bill Gaytten, in his second season at the helm of the John Galliano fashion house, offered up a subversive collection worthy of Galliano, himself.  The super short hems, hourglass silhouettes, thigh-highs and transparency all suggested a Victorian woman come undone, but, in fact, the main inspiration came from art nouveau erotic illustrator, English dandy, and friend to Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley.  The pieces were romantic with equestrian influences and an autumnal palette.  Gaytten said of the collection that, although they begin looking at riding clothes, “it turned fetishistic and became about clothes not used for conventional riding.”  The Stephen Jones hats, fur-trimmed capes, and ruffled riding coats all heightened the femininity and elegance of the collection, keeping it from venturing into what could easily become bawdy.

Fashion Week Coverage Directed by Indira Cesarine

Text by Emily Kirkpatrick

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