Julian Hoeber

 Julian Hoeber: Inners

Fused Space
1401 16th St
San Francisco, CA 94103

fused space presents “Inners,” a site-specific exhibition of new work by Julian Hoeber, curated by Jessica Silverman. Using a range of media, including installation, wall sculptures, paintings and works on paper, the show explores the formal and psychological aspects of symmetry, distortion, inside and outside. Rich in art historical associations, the work is in dialogue with artists as diverse as Hans Arp, Lygia Clark, Sol LeWitt, Mike Kelley and Joe Goode.

The show centers on an installation of two impractical staircase-like structures. One set of “stairs” ascends to nowhere; the other lies on its side, rendered as a zigzagged wall. Each staircase creates a sequestered space within the gallery. These enclosures are both peculiar closets and hiding places, which have intense cultural connotations. Inside these “rooms” are paintings and works on paper that allude to more colorful, irrational, organic forms.

On the walls of the main gallery are a series of imposing geometric bas-relief sculptures made from painted wood, which also use zigzag forms. Each piece initially appears cool, sober and sane but, upon closer inspection, many of the works deviate into the uncanny. Some works are perverted through asymmetry. Others include unexpected figurative elements or covert four-letter words. These apparently rational but ultimately unreasonable works are analogous to the stairs and the content of their secret spaces, which are in turn suggestive of the conundrums of the conscious and unconscious.

This exhibition runs from February 27 to May 24, 2014. fused space is open Monday-Friday, 10AM to 6PM.

For more information, please visit http://fusedspace.com/.

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