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All the songs mentioned in “Porcelain” remind Moby of the New York City he remembers in the 90’s. 

Ambient/techno musician Moby released his new album Music from Porcelain on June 10th right on the tail of his recent book, Porcelain: A Memoir. The album and memoir work as a pair to help tell the story of how he transformed into the person he is today as well as the contrast of New York City during the 90’s compared to now. The book immortalizes glory days of the city and also describes the difficult time that he had as a laid-back christian man in the music industry’s flamboyant days. Of Porcelain: A Memoir, he states:

“’Porcelain: A Memoir’ is about my life from 1989-1999, but it’s also about New York as it transitioned from being a broken, dirty city to the bizarre and stratospherically expensive city it’s become. ‘Porcelain: a memoir’ is also about the underground hip hop and house music scenes of the late 80’s, and the birth of the club kids and the rave scene.”

Music from Porcelain includes 15 songs by Moby that have been remastered and an additional tracklist of 14 songs that were mentioned throughout the memoir. The album is filled with classics from Moby like “Go!” “Honey,” “Natural Blues” and “Bodyrock,” and memorable music from the time period including A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario,” Aly-us “Follow Me” and Strafe “Set It Off.”

In his exclusive interview with Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine, Moby discussed how he was able to make a successful career from his music after the sensation of his first album Play resurfaced in 2000 and ended up selling over 10 million copies worldwide. On Music from Porcelain there is also expected to be new remixes of his classic songs that will include artists like Hardwell, Cedric Gervais, Arty, Loco Dice and others. As for the Porcelain memoir, be sure to catch one of Moby’s stops on his North American book tour to learn more from the man himself.

Check out all of Moby’s book tour dates below.

The last stop on Moby's book tour will be in Los Angeles.


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