Plukka Detox Brunch
Hosts of the Detox Brunch Jackie Astier, Joanne Ooi, Jennifer Creel, Susan Shin, and Carola Jain

PLUKKA took the idea of brunch to another level on Sunday, July 12th with its Detox Brunch in Southampton. The event was in celebration of the fine jewelry retailer and brand’s opening of its pop up boutique.

PLUKKA is a Hong Kong-based retailer and brand, which provides the most efficient platform for connecting independent jewelry designers with fine jewelry lovers around the world. The retailer’s website, which was named Best Etailer of the Year in 2013, features 2000 fine jewelry products by more than 40 designers and ships internationally.

The Detox Brunch, which was hosted by founder Joanne Ooi, Jackie Astier, Carola Jain, Jennifer Creel, and Susan Shin, featured many of the fine products at its event. Guests perused through a selection of pieces from designers such as Jack Vartanian and Bernard Delettrez. The guests also enjoyed refreshments by Juice Press and Evian/Badoit.

Although the event may have ended, a notable portion of the proceeds from the pop up boutique will be donated to The Watermill Center as part of its growing support and collaboration with the Watermill Center’s Annual Summer Benefit & Auction Gala, which will take place in Watermill, NY on July 25th.

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