Damien Hirst, after a two-month fabrication process, has released a time-lapse video of him and his studio assistants carefully constructing his new scalpel blade painting, Destruction Dreamscape.  Hirst is known around the world for his animals in formaldehyde, series of paintings of multi-colored dots on white backgrounds and, of course, his one million dollar skull encrusted in diamonds. Destruction Dreamscape is a piece totally composed out of scalpel blades laid out in an elaborate, geometric pattern on a large, circular, black canvas painted with wheels of technicolor that show through the thin spaces between the blades. The scalpel blade painting is reminiscent of Hirst’s Kaleidoscope paintings where he formed incredibly intricate symmetrical patterns out of  colored butterfly wings, creating a stained glass effect.  The video offers a rare look into the painstaking and time consuming process that goes into the creation of every one of Hirst’s pieces, as well as providing an opportunity to see the mind of one of the most famous artists alive at work long before the piece of art will make its debut in a gallery.

The video can currently be viewed here on Damien Hirst’s website.

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