Aritst Tom Gidley will be presenting all new paintings and sculptures based around the themes of portraiture and representations of the human body in the show From the Corner of Your Eye to the Corner of the Room at Paradise Row in London.  Gidley, in this exhibit, intentionally juxtaposed paintings and sculpture to put them in relation with each other and begin a ceaseless dialogue and narrative about the relationship between these objects.  Gidley sought to examine the relationship of the self in the face of destructive natural forces.  The sculptures seem to become devotional objects, or totems, surrounded by the faces of his portraits.  He claims that, in fact, his sculptures are “future relics,” or “objects taken from an impossible psychological archive or fetishistic collection.”  For Gidley, the sparcity and absence of artwork is just as important as what is present.  The isolation and spacing of pieces in the gallery suggests an internal mind space, room for interpretation, or something withheld.

Paradise Row, London, England, May 25 – June 30

Emily Kirkpatrick for The Untitled Magazine

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