On eyes: MAC panstick in black + MAC gold pigment, and MAKEUPFOREVER flash color stick.

On June 18th Google announced “AR Beauty Try-On,” a new consumer experience for cosmetic lovers everywhere. Though it’s still in the Alpha testing stage, viewers will soon be able to virtually test makeup products alongside their favorite vloggers.

So how does it work?

Augmented reality, otherwise known as AR, is a technology that allows people to virtually participate in activities without being physically present. This concept, based off Jaron Lainers creation of virtual reality, has now hit the beauty community. By using “AR Beauty Try On” users can see what a shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush looks like without trying it in stores.

Once released to the public, viewers will be able to enable their front cameras while watching YouTube videos. Google’s announcement showed that this will split the screen in half with video on top and the viewers reflection on the bottom. Then, while watching a tutorial or review people can click on a product being featured and see it appear on themselves. If they like what they see, they just have to click “shop” to purchase the items.

Mac Cosmetics is the first brand to formally partner with FameBit, however, the AR developers seem to expect that many others will follow suit. In an interview with AD Week Doreen Dinor, FameBits brand partner lead, explained that their technology could be a marketing advantage for cosmetic companies; Saying, “It really enables [brands] to take that connection that already exists between fans and creators and that engagement that already exists on the YouTube platform and take it a step further.”

Additionally Google stated that during AR Try On’s testing experience multiple brands found that, “30 percent of viewers activated the experience in the YouTube iOS app, spending over 80 seconds on average trying the lipstick on virtually.” In short, the more time people spend playing with the filters the more likely they are to buy it.

Whether you’re a cosmetics brand, a youtube influencer, or a consumer, “AR Beauty Try On” is ready to amp up your beauty experience.

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