347aidan photographed by Jeaneen Lund for The Untitled Magazine’s “REBEL” Issue

At five years old, musician 347aidan only began taking piano lessons when he saw his sister getting free ice pops at her own lessons. Who would have guessed that such ambivalent beginnings in music would lead 347aidan to grow into the stream-sweeping phenomenon he has become? Perhaps known most for songs like “DANCING IN THE MY ROOM,” which garnered over 246 million worldwide streams, 347aidan emphasizes relatability and vulnerability through his music. His fascination with angel numbers gave way to his memorable stage name, as the angel meaning behind “3-4-7,” is “peace that comes with time.” The peace sentiment extends to 347aidan’s music, which ultimately comes from an honest yet spontaneous place. 

347aidan sat down for The “REBEL Issue” to chat about his musical beginnings and his 2021 EP, Chasing Harmony, dedicated to his late friend Harmony. The EP serves as a chronicle of his journey from a bedroom producer to a bona fide streaming giant, and the struggle of not having his friends by his side for it. With singles “Bad Kids,” “so what!” and “Die Young” achieving major success, they serve as a great sign of growth to come for 347aidan. And he’s not wasting any time – teasers of his upcoming collaboration with chart-topping EDM duo The Chainsmokers, a single titled “Ups and Downs,” have recently been teased on the artists’ social media.

Read the full interview from “The REBEL Issue” below.

347aidan photographed by Jeaneen Lund for The Untitled Magazine’s “REBEL” Issue

Tell us about your earliest experiences with music? What inspired you to pursue it as a career?

When I was five year old, my sister was taking piano lessons and she would come back with an ice pop at the end of the lesson. At that point, I just wanted free ice pops too, so I started taking lessons. I actually hated it at first. Fast forward to when I was 12, I started making music for fun. I started doing it everyday and just never stopped. I knew then that I was going to do it for a very long time.  

What is the story behind your stage name, 347aidan? 

I got it from the angel meaning behind the numbers 3-4-7, which means peace that comes with time, which I turned into “peace lives forever.” At first, I wanted to go with just PeaceLivesForever Aidan but that felt too long so I ended up with 347aidan.

What inspires your songwriting? Do you write for a particular audience? 

My songwriting is a reflection of what I’m feeling in that moment and it really is whatever I feel like I need to say in that moment. I don’t write for a particular audience since it’s such an in-the-moment process. 

How would you describe your music in three words? 

Hard to define.

What other artists have inspired your career, musically? 

Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Kanye West, Mac Miller – but mostly my friends. A lot of the time the music is inspiring me subconsciously. I don’t see the inspiration until after. 

You are open with your mental health struggles, particularly your ADHD diagnosis, as well as depression and anxiety. How have you addressed these challenges over the years, and how do they impact your music?

I put it into the music. Didn’t Kanye say all geniuses are crazy? 

What role does darkness and struggle play in your music?

I make music off the moment so it goes into it naturally. If I’m in a bad place, that feeling ends up in the music. 

What inspired your track “Bad Kids”? 

My friend Benny sent me the beat. I loved the intro. It talks about a kid rolling up, and it made me want to keep that energy going. I ended up recording over the beat immediately. I sent it back and we ended up listening to it in the car on repeat. 

Your single “Die Young” with Sleepy Hallow debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 this summer, tell us about the song and collaboration. 

Sleepy Hallow’s team hit my team up about sampling “MEMORIES!” for the track which was sick. He then also asked me to be in the video so I flew to NY to shoot it. We ended up at his studio and made a ton of music. We ended up in the studio until 8am until I had to leave for my flight.  

In 2021, you released your EP Chasing Harmony, what themes did the EP address? 

The EP is a reflection of my life at that time. Going from making music in my bedroom to signing to a major label, leaving my hometown and trying to navigate all of those changes in life. The EP is also dedicated to my friend Harmony. I would show her my music and she would instantly boost my confidence and assurance in making music. When she passed away, it felt like I had that confidence stripped away from me. This EP also became a way for me to get that feeling back and became a safe place for me. Harmony is more than a name, but a feeling and a sense of calmness and security when everything is falling apart. This EP aims to capture that feeling. 

Tell us about your music video, “IDONTWANNATALKTOYOU!” – where did the inspiration for the song and video come from? 

This song came together with the executive producer on the EP John Cunningham. I wanted a feature on it and renforshort brought this other side to the story I was telling. She’s dope and super talented. The video is that back and forth coming to life. 

You’ve been nominated for two JUNO Awards this year for the first time, one being Fan Choice. How do you create a personal connection with your fans? 

I’ve always had a great relationship with my fans. We’re super close, they’re like my second family and that’s just through the internet. It’s even better getting to actually meet them at the shows.

You were included in Billboard’s 21 Under 21 in 2022. Have you faced any unique challenges as a young artist in the industry?

No, I’d say time’s on my side and that’s a great thing. Sometimes I even wish I was younger.  

Earlier this year you kicked off your debut US tour supporting band Oliver Tree – any highlights to share? 

The first LA show was indescribable. I wasn’t even processing, just feeling everything. Those are the best moments, performing and just being completely in the moment. Also, getting to meet the fans who traveled across states and country lines to come see me. Nothing beats it.

You also had a headlining European tour this year. What were some of the most memorable experiences you had touring Europe?

Germany in general was crazy, all the shows there were amazing. The show in Cologne was amazing. We did like 8 encores. When the doors opened, they came in screaming “MEMORIES!,” and wouldn’t stop singing it the whole night. Hardcore fans. 

We had some crazy moments traveling in the van, but I’ll save those stories for another day. 

What are you working on at the moment? Any upcoming new releases or performances we can look out for?

My song “so what!” just came out this week. I made it with my friends on a day off in London during the Europe tour. I’m also currently working on an album with many shows to come. Stay tuned. 

To read our print feature on 347aidan, pick up your copy of “The REBEL Issue” here.

Photography by Jeaneen Lund for The Untitled Magazine
Grooming by Mykel Renner
Photographed in Los Angeles, CA

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