Red Truck Gallery
938 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

January 15 – January 19, 2013

Curated by Red Truck Gallery, Littletopia is a carefully chosen collective of innovative galleries who are breaking down barriers, bucking convention and letting their skilled artists create a new vocabulary.  With a focus on craftsmanship, accessibility, and artistry, Littletopia embraces the adventurous collector and draws them into a place where the fantastic becomes reality on canvas, mixed media, sculpture and print. A place where the art-curious can appreciate beautifully rendered pieces and be welcomed into a family of galleries who evoke various moods, from playful, provocative, intriguing, and shocking to downright scary.

The driving force behind Littletopia, Red Truck Gallery, founded by Noah Antieau, is the antithesis of white-washed minimalism. Beneath its colorful and inviting veneer, this New Orleans gallery has a subversive soul, presenting eclectic works that combine a wicked sense of humor and an unflinching eye for detail. Littletopia is similarly and intentionally eclectic. Defying categorization, the participating galleries share a respect for artistic craft and a mission to bring a fresh new attitude to a cynical art establishment.

Littletopia participating galleries include:

Sloan Fine Art, New York – Exhibits emerging to mid-career artists with a focus on work that is emotionally compelling, intellectually stimulating and visually arresting (image: Aaron Smith Pother, oil on panel 40″x30″ 2013.  Sloan Fine Art).


Roq La Rue, Seattle – With an emphasis on technical craftsmanship blended with fantastical imagery and visually dynamic narratives, Roq La Rue has been an integral part of the pop surrealism/underground contemporary art movement since 1998.


Breeze Block, Portland-Directed by Paige Prendergast, founded in 2006, Breeze Block presents culturally significant artists in the emerging and established contemporary genres surrounding popular culture, design and urban art. (image:  Scott Listfield, oil on canvas 16″ x 20″ Breeze Block Gallery)

La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles-Credited with launching the pop-surrealist movement in Los Angeles, La Luz de Jesus has a mission to make underground artists and counterculture accessible to the general public.


Christopher_Conte__Duellona__2013__White_or_Y200x149Last Rites Gallery, New York-The premiere gallery for the ‘dark arts’ movement, Last Rites Gallery is a haven for artists who prefer to explore the ominous, uncomfortable and eccentric in their work.  The gallery creates an atmosphere where the artist can harness limitless expression and the observer can reflect inwards. (image:  Christopher Conte, Duellona, 2013, white or yellow bronze available in three finishes (silver, gold or black), edition size- 10 of each finish, each signed and numbered, 2″ tall x 4″ x 6″ Photography- Liza Conlin, Last Rites Gallery)

Spoke Art, San Francisco- The gallery maintains a focus on exhibiting the works of emerging contemporary artists, who specialize in figurative and illustrative works in pop surrealism and street art.

Thinkspace, Los Angeles – Founded in 2005, Thinkspace was established with a commitment to the promotion and dissemination of young and emerging art. As a haven for talent and a venue founded in passion, conviction and community, the gallery’s mandate is rooted in projections for its future longevity. (image: Dabs Myla, The Spirits of Tradition, acrylic on wood 18″x24″ 2013.  Thinkspace)

Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco – Jen Rogers and Kerri Stephens believe that art makes the world a better place. Since founding Varnish Fine Art in 2003, they have become known for showing provocative and skillfully executed contemporary artwork.


Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans- Beautiful and unique art with a focus on craftsmanship and artistry presented in a welcoming atmosphere in opposition to the customary stark white walls of the traditional art scene.

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