AOL and Friends of the High Line invited XXXX Magazine to the opening celebration on Tuesday, June 7,  2011 of High Line Section 2 and the exclusive preview of Rainbow City, an interactive public art installation of vibrant air-filled sculptures. Created by Friends With You and presented by AOL, the event took place at the 16,000 square foot outdoor space at 30th St. and 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

The High Line, once an above ground feight railway up the West Side of Manhattan, lay unused for decades before the Friends of the High Line formed and began petitioning to reclaim the space. After nearly ten years of working to convert the High Line into a public park, the High Line is now open to the public.

To celebrate the success of the complete opening of the park, Friends With You brought their brightly colored scuptures to New York City. Friends With You is a collective that specializes in creating playful and imaginative larger-than-life worlds. The two founders, Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval from Miami created a playful inflatable garden in New York City that invites guests, both adults and children to enjoy the lighter side of life, and according to Sandoval and Borkson, to reach a euphoric and “spiritual” realm through the return to play. Each piece can be bounced, bobbled, or at times, even entered.

“Built for adults and kids alike, FriendsWithYou has created a set of minimalist forms that borrow aesthetics from toy-like geometry and design, with each element towering over guest at heights from ten to forty feet. The space will be open daily, free to the public, and will create a unique summer destination spot for New Yorkers, students, and tourists alike. Additionally, Rainbow City will serve as the site for a variety of educational programs, organized by AOL and FriendsWithYou, geared toward developing children’s creativity and engagement in an artistic environment. AOL’s support of the High Line and partnership with FriendsWithYou is the latest affirmation of AOL’s commitment to empowering creativity and engaging the community.”

The Lot and Rainbow City are located at 30th Street and 10th Avenue.

Open until July 5, 2011, you can view the installation during the following hours:

Mon – Wed: 11AM to 10PM
Thurs – Fri: 11AM to 11PM
Saturday: 11AM to 11PM
Sun: 11AM to 11PM

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