Sophie Beem photographed by Marc Baptiste, with styling by Phillip Bloch for The Untitled Magazine. This page: Sophie wears a dress by FENTY BY RIHANNA.

This has been a major year for musician and Beyoncé protégé, Sophie Beem. Early on in 2016 the seventeen-year-old was tapped by none other than Queen Bey to sign with her record label, Parkwood Entertainment. Since then the ex-X Factor contestant has released a self-titled EP and performed around the world. Things can only go up for the “Skyline” singer, so put her on your radar now!

 The Untitled Magazine’s style director, Phillip Bloch, caught up with Sophie on her journey to superstardom. Check out the full exclusive interview and editorial below, with photos by Marc Baptiste.

Left Page: Sophie wears a top and jumpsuit by ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, shoes by TOMMY HILFIGER, and a ring by ERICKSON BEAMON. Right Page: Sophie wears a dress by JONATHAN SIMKHAI, shoes by PINKO, a scarf by THE KOOPLES JEANS, and earrings by ERICKSON BEAMON.

Phillip Bloch: They say life is not just about the destination but about the journey. What is the favorite part of the journey for you ?

Sophie Beem: My favorite part about my journey has definitely been being able to meet so many people and explore so many different countries and cultures. While touring in the last year I travelled to 20 cities in the US, Milan, Dubai, and Singapore. They have been experiences I will never forget in my lifetime.

Sophie wears a top by RINAT BRODACH, a jacket by DAWN LEVY, pants by CLAUDIA LI, shoes by PINKO, and earrings by DONNA D’CRUZ.

PB: It takes teamwork to make the dream work – when your mom is your mom, your best friend on shoots, and the captain of your team – how do you navigate that?

SB: I love my mom so much and I am so happy she supports me as much as she does. I am so grateful to have her. It’s so nice to do something and have your family involved, I feel safe with her and she is definitely one of my best friends. She is really good at knowing when to be a mom and when to tell me that something needs to get done.

Sophie Beam photographed by Marc Baptiste for The Untitled Magazine.

PB: You are your own woman and you are growing and learning in a garden that is so big and unique to what most people experience in life. What have you found is the most important thing to keep yourself grounded, centered, and able to make good decisions?

SB: I think that the most important thing to do to keep yourself grounded is to always remember where you started as well as to surround yourself with the people who knew you from the beginning. They are the ones who are always gonna knock you off your high horse. Also, everyone is a work in progress and is always learning. It’s normal to make mistakes but a good decision is not repeating them. I am not perfect, but I try to look at the choices I make everyday and what it says about me. I want to live a life of integrity and be honest in my actions.

Sophie wears a top and skirt by RINAT BRODACH, leggings by BETSEY JOHNSON, shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN, a necklace by DONNA D’CRUZ, and earrings by HUEB.

PB: I’ve heard you tell a funny story in several other magazine interviews that Beyoncé gave you the great advice that “you should practice singing & breathing while you’re on the treadmill” and that you believe she even does it while wearing high heels to practice vocal stamina. Of course now we’re all practicing running on the treadmill in our heels so tell us some recent juicy advice that we need to know that we don’t already.

SB: Another piece of advice she gave me is that this career that I am embarking on is a very lonely one, that’s why she wanted me to be in a girl band when she first signed me, so that I wouldn’t have to do the interviews, performing, and writing alone. In the beginning, Beyoncé had Destiny’s Child. I didn’t end up going in that direction because dancing became so much a part of my show so a girl band didn’t make sense. However,Beyoncé is right and this career is a lot of time spent alone. I have missed out on being just a kid but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sophie wears a jacket by JEREMY SCOTT, a skirt by LIZZIE STANTON, purse by JUDITH LEIBER, and a pair of earrings by HUEB.

PB: Your mentor is a very classy lady particularly in social media. She is the Queen Bey, she knows how to use it to her benefit and is not one to pick fights via Twitter. She certainly would never utter a negative word as a public figure whereas  other artists like Rihanna and Iggy Azalea often get aggressive in their social media, with other artists, and sometimes even with fans. How do you feel and respond to cyber negativity about yourself or when you see people bullying other kids your age?

 SB: I definitely know what it feels like to be bullied and it is  not fun. I think the best thing you can do is ignore it because you know who you are and you don’t need other people to tell you otherwise. I feel like someone who is a bully is insecure with themselves or maybe something is happening in their family and they are taking it out on you. I think you just have to be strong and actually feel sorry for them. When I see other people bullying other kids, I get so mad, I always try and help. No one deserves to be bullied.

Sophie wears a bustier by VA BIEN, pants and a coat by CLAUDIA LI, shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN, and bracelet and earrings by ERICKSON BEAMON.

PB: You are very lucky to have someone like Beyoncé on your side now that you are signed with Parkwood Entertainment but a lot of people don’t know that in 2012 you auditioned for Simon Cowell, LA Reid, Demi Lovato, and Britney Spears for X Factor. Y ou didn’t make it to the top tier so how did that make you feel about your talent and how did that change how you strategized your career?

SB: When I did XFactor I had just turned thirteen. I had no idea what I was embarking on and I was both scared and excited. I had never performed in front of such a large crowd or for anyone as recognized at the judges. Their feedback was really grounding and proved how much more I had to learn. Yet, I had accomplished something pretty major for my age and experience. I left wanting to work harder. Also, the fact that all the songs I sang were covers really inspired me to want to write my own songs, so it showcased my voice and thoughts.

Left page: Sophie wears a bustier by VA BIEN, pants and a coat by CLAUDIA LI, shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN, and bracelet and earrings by ERICKSON BEAMON. Right page: Sophie wears a top and skirt by RINAT BRODACH, leggings by BETSEY JOHNSON, shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN, a necklace by DONNA D’CRUZ, and earrings by HUEB.

PB: As a performer these days you need to be branded in a much bigger way, more as a lifestyle then just a singer. All of the major Divas have clothing lines, makeup campaigns, their own perfumes, and apps, excetera, excetera. What can the world expect in the not-so-distant future from the Sophie Beem brand?

SB: Branding is a funny word because it makes you out to be a product instead of a person, but I get it. Instead I look at it like I am telling my story about my likes and dislikes. I love make-up and clothing to the point that if I didn’t do music I would be in those industries so I can definitely see myself representing a make-up brand or fashion brand in the future.

Sophie wears a top and jumpsuit by ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, and a ring by ERICKSON BEAMON.

PB: I love following you all around the world on social media. You were recently singing your heart out in Dubai then Singapore. What’s next on your global tour, where can we see you perform, and when’s the new album dropping?

SB: This has been an amazing year and I am so grateful for everyone that helped secure these opportunities so I can grow my experience and share my first self titled EP, Sophie Beem, with my fans. I have been writing non-stop so I can release new music next year and set up a performance schedule. Since it takes a village to make it happen it’s hard to know exactly when that will be but we’re working on it!

Sophie wears a dress by FENTY BY RIHANNA and shoes by CHLOE GOSSELIN

PB: Who’s the designer you’re feeling the most these days?

SB: NICOPANDA – they are killing it, and Alexander McQueen, of course.

PB: Best dating advice you’ve ever gotten?

SB: Look for a best friend first – someone you can just be yourself around

PB: What’s your favorite scent that you love to wear and share

SB: TokyoMilk, it’s the bomb. My fave is number 26

Sophie wears a dress by JONATHAN SIMKHAI, shoes by PINKO, a scarf by THE KOOPLES JEANS, BLOOMINGDALES, New York, and earrings by ERICKSON BEAMON.

PB: Favorite gift you’re looking forward to giving this holiday

SB: Probably to my mom, those are always my fave, one year I got her a Nespresso machine and she literally doesn’t drink coffee from the pot anymore!

PB: Best beauty tips you’ve learned from being in the business

SB: To not put too much makeup on, and probably blending… you have to blend really well and I did not know that.

Photography by Marc Baptiste
Fashion Editor / Stylist: Phillip Bloch
Makeup by Angie Parker
Hair by D-Rock
Makeup Assistant: Julianne Laney
Assistant Stylists: Jessie Muldrow, Angelica Grullon, Paul Evans, and Ali Easton Bancroft

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